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Login Problem Answered

I login on the front page, then go into an instructable, say the valentines day contest winners, and it'll have me logged back out again! I am using the latest version of firefox, and windows 7 home premium. As far as i'm aware, I'm accepting cookies from www.instructables.com (is there a way to check?). I haven't done or clicked anything to disable them. 


Go to the actual login page and checkmark the box that asks whether or not you want it to remember you and keep you logged in. That's what I did, and it worked.

I find that the site has big problems with multiple accounts on one computer - when my sons log me out, and post as them, it takes them two attempts to login and me about three !


On my version of Firefox (for MacOSX, but should be consistent), bring up Preferences -> Privacy.  Next to the "Accept cookies from sites" (which should be checked), click the [Exceptions...] button.  You can either scroll through the list to see if I'bles is there, or just type www.instructables.com in the box and press the [Allow] button.

.  That happens to me when I do the occasional cache/cookie clearing. Usually clears up after I login 2-3 times.

Thanks!  It's towards the end of the work day (San Francisco, CA), so don't expect a reply today.  Hopefully Staff will follow up soon.

Could you add some information about which browser (and version) you're using, what OS, and especially whether you're accepting cookies from www.instructables.com (not from the advertisers, just from the site itself).