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Login broken Answered

Hi folks, the login function is broken. First my 1Password app wouldn't work with the little login at the top of individual instructables pages anymore, which was unusual, and now it takes multiple tries to log in even by my kludge solution which was hitting the login button without anything filled in and going to the actual login page, where the 1Password app will work.

And it's odder than that - some places I appear to be logged in, and in others I am not. Such as here, where I am logged in.

I think it's related to the facebook login.

Just FYI I never want to log into anything but facebook with my facebook login . . . not instructables, not anywhere. EVER.

But I still love instructables, just not this facebook login folderol.




You might try logging out of facebook, and clearing your cache before you try logging into to instructables. We're trying to iron out all the specific with the facebook login.

Also, I realize you don't want to log into facebook with your instructables user id, but on that same token, some facebook users would rather not have to make a new user id to log into instructables. There's no requirement that you link the two accounts, but it allows people who would rather not log in on two separate places, that ability.

Unfortunately, it seems that whatever bugs are in the Ible's code are linking the two accounts. It appears, from the bug reports, that if a user has ever logged into Failbook, or has an active Failbook tab or window open, then Instructables latches onto that. Therefore you (Instructables), is forcing the accounts to be linked, whether the user wants it or not.

Yeah, exactly. There's new code being written everyday trying to solve this, but judging by the daily updates, it's a much more difficult thing to figure out then just not having it log people in.

The clearing of the cache though will clear out those Facebook cookies that might be interfering with a user logging in though.

I was going to explain what I thought Instructables-Facebook was doing...but I realized I had no idea. Suffice it to say, that Instructables wants to remeber your facebook cookies in order to keep you logged in, if you log in that way, I think it's the remember of these cookies that is screwing with a lot of peoples logins, since they come here, and we see a cookie for Facebook and a cookie for Instructables.

I'm not even going to try to get into the automatic linking aspect, but to say that while it auto-links to the facebook account you're logged into, I think all that is is a temporary storage holder. Until you hit Login via Facebook, or link my accounts, they're not REALLY linked.

(This is all my trying to make sense out of it after many a meeting explaining it...I'm sure I have certain aspects wrong...but this is how it makes sense in my head)

Ack, Thipth!

Ok, so I guess one should log out of FB before logging into Ibles? Bummer.

Yeah. That's the workaround which has been suggested to other users who have reported bugs related to this (skim through the recent bug reports, and you'll find them).


That's what I said! Are comments disappearing again? :(

Your comment (dated 12:28 pm) is there now, but I promise it wasn't when I wrote mine above.

You failed to broach the topic in the third person, use the Royal "We" next time.

Apologies if I'm misinterpreting this, but it sounds to me from user descriptions like this one that the Facebook login tool is actually logging people in if they are logged into Facebook (or some other site that allows Facebook login) in another window.