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Login redirect annoyance... Answered

Annoyance: Forgetting to login to instructables, and then not being able to redirect to the instructable I was  viewing without having to find it again.  I login at work and have to wipe the browser whenever I leave.  When I come back and find a really spiffy instructable that I want to look deeper into, I have to log in.  That directs my browser to my profile page, instead of staying where I was with the mini login.  When I click "Back" on the browser, I am prompted to login again.  GRR!  Is there a fix for me?


Log-in every time, first thing. It's what I do (but since I've paid it also gets rid of the advert's and stuff)



7 years ago

That's because the login page is in your cache. When you back in to the login page, hit back one more time and it will take you to your original page.
Been there, done that. lol