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Logitech X 620 sub pinout? Answered

Found a powered subwoofer ( Dumpster!!!) of a 6.1 computer sound system. Not the  6 smaller speakers. The front right speaker would have had the inputs and controls in it . A cable with a VGA connector had to be plugged into the amp in the back. No pinout info was found

I have a similar 2.1 system (Logitech Z3), which is all I need for casual use (My real system is unusable due to neighborhood pressure...)

The amp contains 2 TDA 7377 chips,and many more components than prescribed by the data sheet (some of it is the power supply)-

( Does more complicated mean better here?).

2 Options:

1) rip the TDA chips out and use one to make a 2.1 or a stereo amp with components according to the datasheet. The other one a stereo or quad for a different project.

2) find out the pinout and use the amp 'as is' (which would mean putting both all R and all L channels together (parallel?) to make a 2.1. A lot less work.

(Since I am not going to use the 6.1 configuration, will the sophistication of the design still deliver?)?

If anyone knows the pinout I would of course first try working with the existing circuit...



6 years ago

Here's What I've Found


i need the same diagram :) if i found something will let you know and share here, if you find something else please share with us :)


6 years ago

Quick Google search.


Hope this helps, It looks pretty simple