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Logo for this Group? Answered

Hey, got any ideas for a logo for this group? I think it's a great idea to have a group; it should have a strong presence, and we should fill it with great instructables! I've attached an image as an example.


How about the international symbol, with the person in the wheelchair holding a wrench?

That's kind of what I was thinking. I also like the idea of Gearability's wheelchair-wheel as a giant steampunk-looking gear.

Hi friends, I tried to put my "offroad-Wheelchair" here into this community as a new topic, but I couldnt find a way to start a new topic here. When I start a new one, the AssTech is not a possiblilty in the pulldown menue. Therefore I choose the "outdoor" section, but I am not too happy with this. Hope for your help... Steve

Sorry for the complications, Steve. Once you've been participating a while, you'll learn these idiosyncracies. To create a new forum topic within a Group, go to the Group's Web page. Down at the bottom you'll see the list of topics, and just above that list a button labelled "New Topic".

Hello my new friend, you are exactly right. I have found this button. It looks like: + new topic. But the problem is after pressing this button. I don NOT have the possiblity of choosing the forum and the name of this Group. Only the list of "forum....marketplace...help" and the other one is "ALL .. ART......TECH" I cannot find the AT-Group here. I just logged out and in again - but the problem stayed. still hopin... CU Steve

Ah, now I understand your confusion. The I'bles interface does have some idiosyncracies; this is one of them.

By choosing the "+ New Topic" button from within the Group, your topic will automatically show up in the list for the Group. In addition to that, I'bles wants you to select a "broad category" by which to classify your topic. That's what those top-level "Forums" are about (there are hundreds of Groups on the Web site, and people can create new ones at any time).

For this topic, I'd suggest either Outdoors or Ride as the Forum "category". The latter will probably get you more attention from people familiar with modifying wheeled vehicles.

Thanks (whats your name??) but this is nearly exactly what I did, BUT: Why then, did nothing happend in this group? I did choose Outdoor, coming from within this group, and according to what you said, it should be in OUTDOOR and also here, or am I wrong? IF not, then there is still the question for me, how to start a new topic here in this group... (still smiling, my friend... - there are bigger problem in this world, than this...) til later... where are u from? I am from germany...

Hi again, Steve. Staff was kind enough to fix your posting by hand (but it is not a safe thing to do, as it can mess up the database). It looks like the "+ New Topic" action has a bug -- I confirmed the problem you described above, by trying to make a post myself. The I'bles folks know about the bug now, and will investigate it. -- Michael Kelsey

Hi, Steve. Hmmm...I see your posting to the Outdoor Forum. I also see that it did not appear in the list for the Assistive Technology group. I don't know why not; I specifically created that group as unmoderated.

There is no interface for "users" (like us) to add an existing Forum topic into a group. I am going to ask the staff via private message (PM) if one of them can tweak the database record. If worst comes to worst, I'll repost myself.

-- Michael Kelsey

P.S. You can learn more about me by selecting my username above, and reading my I'bles profile information. There you'll also find a link to my regular Web area.

Thanks for the idea, and for all the followups! I'd be happy to add either the "standard" white-on-blue disability logo, or GorillaMiko's pair of hands. I just need to figure out how... Do the folks posting here have a strong preference for either one?

...Well, I was able to get the logo installed, but I couldn't seem to capture the "pair of hands" into my library. GorillazMiko -- could you tell me where to find the original image (just a URL would be fine) and I'll grab it that way?

I've gotten the original of GorillazMiko's second image and added it to the AT Group profile. Right now, it's the main (logo) image. I want to think a little about whether to keep it that way, or go back to the internation symbol Nagutron suggested.

. They both have their pluses. . The international symbol is well recognized, especially in English-speaking areas. . The human/machine hands pretty well sums up AT (for me, anyway). With Kiteman's suggestion of using the Ible's Robot's hand, it would fit very well to this site. . How about pasting the symbol (or something similar) somewhere in the hands pic? Best of both worlds.

Looks like the first one (below) is out of the question. How about the 2nd or 3rd one?

evil robot.pngrobot 2.jpgrobot 3.jpg

(Although maybe somebody ought to re-draw it to be more "ibly"? Maybe Robot's hand?)