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Long Distance WiFi - From Apartment to Work (0.5/1mile)? Answered

Hi there,

I would like to access my WiFi from my apartment, when I am at work. Distance between the two is about 0.5 - 1 mile. 

How would I go about doing that?

I did some research and most likely I would need to set up 1 antenna transmitting the signal from my apartment, to a 2nd antenna at my work receiving the signal. The receiving antenna though, I would like to be small and not as awkward like. I work in an industrial plant, that is built out of solid concrete, as I say that, I do get good reception inside there, just don't know about WiFi though.. Good news perhaps is, I work nearby a big garage door, so maybe I could get signal from there.

Anyways, If you got suggestions please let me know. Thanks! 



3 years ago

The dish could instead be installed to radiate power towards your target, so you do not need a powerful antenna to pick it up on the receiving end.

How would I set it up without a 2nd antenna at the work site. Like All I wanna do is, set up the WiFi transmitting antenna from my apartment and when I'm at work I can just search for nearby WiFi networks, see mine and connect to it.

IF that's even possible to do..

So you don't want a wireless bridge.

Problem with what you are talking about is that WiFi has to be 2 way. I could pick up the signal from my house on a notebook miles away but I could not connect to it because the notebook has to talk to and get permission from the router. Its not like TV or radio. We had an antenna mounted on the box of our truck and we could hit our towers from a distance that way, but like I said, it has to be 2 way communication and even a really good USB dongle will only get you so far.

To be able to do what you are talking about would require a mesh network with multiple radios that connect to each other and as you wander from one to the other they hand you off to the closest node. That is how places like campuses do it. The radios are placed at specific spots that are mapped out so they provide coverage over a large area. It's very expensive to set up.

I recently built a WiFi Yagi antenna as a Quad but you can get a normal Yagi for under 20 bucks on Ebay.
But for obvious reasons it would be best to have an external, directional antenna at your work place.
There are quite a few Instructables on such antennas too...

By the way, I have smaller antenns also.