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Long Range Wifi Antenna Answered

Can anyone recommend a good instructable to boost the reception range for my computer's wifi device? I know there are tons of them on here already, I just need to know which ones might have the longest range.

Another thing is what design would be best. The kind involving a parabolic dish/mesh to direct signals to a usb dongle. One that is more of an omni direction antenna. One that makes use of one of the old sattelite tv dishes sitting in the garage.

Requesting advice, comrades.



26db boost

Be careful that you don't break FCC rules... you probably don't have anything to worry about... but don't mess around with the FCC... you will lose.

Follow the instructions, and when you buy an antenna, get the highest dB possible. The design is up to you. I think the sonar style of antenna would work best, although with a 12dB antenna for my laptop can already pick up several houses down without a design mod.