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Long Time No See. Answered

Okay to start this off I'll begin on telling you how close i was to quitting "k'nex", so anyways when I almost quit "k'nex" i got into war games, like Call Of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company, mostly B.B.C though, so as i collected more guns thought B.B.C I thought to myself, I should keep my k'nex and build some replicas, but then again i thought psssht I'm not any good at building guns, so what I want you people of Instructables to do is to find me the best of the best replicas for me to build, and thank you in advance.


Now do you want the best replicas that are already built or ones for you to try to make?

Ones that are already built, they don't have to shoot, but a replica with a nice removable mag and a working trigger would be nice.

Hmm, you know, it was okaaay range, but not a sidearm I'd use in a war... I'm thinking mine had about 35-40 foot range.

That's not really bad for a mag fed pistol.

Yeah, I guess... There is better though.

That's good enough for a sidearm. And yeah you are probably right.

Ironic, that's how I started but now I'm not much into making replicas as I don't have the pieces to make them up to current standards. My UMP is the best coming out of me. Well I haven't payed attention to newer ones enough to know which to recommend so good luck.

I have six guns from MW2 (one's a slideshow).... The ones i recommend are the PP2000, AA-12, and the ranger.


8 years ago

my barret 2.0


8 years ago

just like me, love war games...