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Long distance relationship help Answered

My girlfriend lives in Florida, I live in New Jersey. How can I see her cheap and often? Any cheap airline tickets? Any legal and plausible suggestion is appreciated.


if you have a strong enough connection, i don't think you should be too worried about cheating on each other, or the aesthetics of being a couple. everyone's different, all circumstances vary. if you like each other enough then you do what you gotta do to see each other. if you're just in a long distance relationship to be in a relationship and it's not worth it, that's another story. just follow your gut. can you alternate who goes to see who? can you meet somewhere in between?

i really appreciate your support. she might come up to jersey sometime soon, we're working on it. but there isn't really anything halfway - that would probably be somewhere in North or South Carolina, and thats still a two hour plane ride for me. but for now, its working. i completely trust her, and i'm pretty positive that she trusts me not to cheat. plus, as of now, when i see her, its more satisfying then if i could see her every day

if you are happy, then cheers to you =) every relationship has tweaks. and yours seems to be an exception to the "long distance relationships usually don't work" thing. ;)

well, as with the majority of people I can't and won't change your mind. but for my personal satisfaction can you PM me to let me know when I can say "I told ya so" if not, because you probably won't I hope you hear me in your head when it happens. "I told ya so" not trying to be a dick, just once again left irritated and frustrated by another person who can't accept good advice. Many may disagree but I haven't seen anyone in here say "I met my wife of 20 years in a long distance relationship" they all say, I had a long distance relationship ONCE (past tence) or my "First" wife (implying a second wife) have fun, if your idea of fun is hurting from being away from her and always wondering what she's up to when she stops calling as much (it'll happen) if you idea of bliss is one night with her and 30 nights alone whatching the plausable relationships pass you by then by all means ........Enjoy!!

you can't predict someone else's life. everyone is different..

It is true that the odds can be against one in such a relationship, but since we don't live "according to the odds", it is always advice left to be considered after the fact, sadly. Someone once said something like: I never give advice, wise men don't need it and fools don't heed it; so to give it is just a waste of breath. :-)

break up with her........ it won't work out unless one is willing to move or your loaded............ don't wast your money dude

yeah, I mean long distance relationships are for wimps, you'll rarely see her, you waste money, and she could be cheating behind your back! Ever think of that? huh? Ever think that your a joke to her? If you're going to have a relationship at least have the guts to talk and be with her in real life, everything is easier long distance, theres no consequences to any of your actions. If she's just living out there for a month or something like that, otherwise why bother?

well, i really disagree with you guys. I'm a sophomore in high school and she's a junior. so moving out to be with her isn't in the cards at the moment. but I just saw her last week and spent thanksgiving with her, and I'm probably spending New years with her. so, please don't post stuff like that. also - have either of the two of you ever been in long distance relationships? or are you just speculating?

i've been in a long distance relationship before, and it actually turned out to be a lot better than living in the same town. we enjoyed seeing each other more...if you trust each other and respect each other, then you should see what happens. don't let these guys get you all freaked out. none of us know how you feel about each other, so we really can't tell you what to do. but i'm just telling you my experience with that kind of thing--good luck

I did it for 2 years man, when I was 18 and it was only a 45 minute drive from her let alone a plane trip. looking back at it, it was the most retarded relationship ever. I pretty much spent every dime I had on phone bills talking to her and never saw her. saw her maybe once a month. we were in school and we had to get rides or borrow a car to see each other. guy from 7 up is exactly right. she's still on the market. unless this is a very temporary situation its not gonna work. she'll cheat on you or you'll both get totally frustrated if your not already. save both of yourselves the wasted time and heartache and end it before you get to into her. I dislike using the word never but long distance relationships work out like 1 in 1000 and almost always its a person who is loaded and can afford to travel to be with her 2 plus days a week or 1 party is willing to move. people may often think my relationship advice is me, some disgruntled guy being a dick trying to screw up peoples lives but I'm telling you I'm looking out for you man (and all the other advice I've given on this site) my advice may not be pretty but 9 times outta 10 its the advice that will make you the happiest in the long run. people easily become blinded by relationships and they fail to see the bigger picture, I know this because I'm no better......... I do it too.......I do my best to take my own advice but after all I myself am only human. in a relationship all the advice you will read is about doing things for the person you love or how to make someone else happy, its about making sacrifices and compromises and blah blah blah............. but my advice in a lot of things is take care of #1 first. #1 being yourself. How can you be a good partner to someone else if you aren't a good partner for yourself. How can you expect anyone to be happy with you if you can't first be happy with yourself? you've heard it a million times before but again there are plenty of fish in the sea. people talk about soul mates and blah blah but really your "soul mate" is a personality type. you make the match better by finding a further match to the physical appearance you are attracted too. Sure I've gotten a little off your individual situation but what I'm saying is you need to be pretty selfish in starting a relationship your criteria for getting into a relationship should match exactly what you want because in order for it to work out in the long run your gonna have to make compromises, how happy are you gonna be if you start your relationship on a compromise and 6 months later you've made 10 more compromises? compound that further over 2 more years........... its the perfect storm for a long wasted relationship that ends in hurt feelings and broken hearts. Its hard sometimes when your heart is telling you thats what you want/need to look in your brain and make sure your heart and brain match. but if you can't match up your heart and brain I can promise you it will not work out. so in conclusion the absolute best advice I can give you is break up with her. you will not marry this girl and if you do your headed for divorce from the starting line. make the hard decision, make the right decision.

why think about the future and how it will all end up? we're all going to die, things are always going to suck eventually, but then they get better, and then they suck again, etc my point is, live for the now. how can you enjoy anyone's company if you're too busy thinking about how it will effect you "in the end?" when's the end? you are right about taking care of yourself first, though. a lot of people depend on their "relationship" to take care of them.

My first wife came from a LDR. But I only suggested the CAM because that is probably the least expensive if you both have computers already.

kinda, my gf just moved back to the town where I live, her dad was on severence (I spelled that wrong). Youknow, the thing where you go where ever you want and they pay you. not that I'd ever break up with her if she went away . One of my friends has a long distance relationship with this girl that he's never seen face to face and we make fun of him, so just saying with all due respect

I got a CAM that even worked with my dial up connection (but works better with my new DSL). You can see and talk to one another that way. Of course, you both would need one for it to be useful. Then you can connect with Yahoo IM or MSN IM and use their video broadcaster.

There are a few no name type airlines that give you flights for really cheap. As in...$35. The catch is that you pay extra for things like checking a bag and such.

Thanks. Thats no problem for me, cause i only do carry on. I appreciate everyones suggestions.