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Longboards Answered

Does anyone know how to make a longboard? I really want to make one but have no clue what to do. Any information will be helpful. Thanks.


When you say longboard... do you mean a longboard of the skateboard variety? or of the surfboard variety? I used to know a guy that made surfboards for a living (he moved away and I really haven't heard much since). The process starts with a blank which you shape, epoxy&glass;, sand etc. etc. etc. You're best bet is to find general instructions, then seek out answers to more refined questions you have ;) As far as skateboards are concerned... I believe they are multi-layered laminated boards. A few friends of mine ride longboards - all of the boards are pre-stressed (which makes a big difference). I honestly don't know what's involved in making skateboards other than knowing that there's more design than meets the eye ;)

Yes, i did mean the skateboard kind. Thanks for the info i will try to find other sites with information on how to make them and refer back here if i have more specific questions.

Thanks so much that is just what i needed. I will try and make an instructable on building longboards when i make it.

wow -- that's a great resource - thanks for posting that