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Look out, Switzerland! Answered

Tomorrow*, the Kite family are going to the land of cuckoo clocks, cartoon cheese and particle accelerators.

We're visiting friends in Geneva, but if you're out there and the environs, and see a chap in a leather fedora and Robot shirt, or wearing a Robot lapel badge, stop and say hello. I'll give you stickers.

(*Wednesday 6th - Wednesday 13th)


You should go to black forest in Germany to see the cuckoos

We're going in the French direction, but I have seen a goshawk and redstart in our host's garden, tree sparrows in the city, plus grebe, coot, blackheaded gull, various ducks and an odd gull (similar to herring, but with a white bar along the midline of the upper wing?) as we walked past the lake, and this is only our first full day here.

Say chaps, is that an alpenhorn or are you just happy to see me?


I was genuinely surprised, the first time we went, to drive through the mountains and hear actual bells on actual cows.

Being from Brooklyn, I was genuinely surprised the first time we went to drive through Amish Country in Lancaster, PA and smell actual smell from actual cows...and we thought New Jersey was toxic...

Haha, that's not a smell, that's a scent!

If you ever get to walk through a byre full of well-fed cattle, that is the warm smell of contentment.