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Look what oboma did Answered

I was scrolling through my dish network guide and what do I see? The Obama channel. Yes, that's right, he bought his own tv channel: dish channel 73. This channel broadcasts his ideas 24/7. IT's just a 2 minute message looping all day. In my opinion that is just wrong. I don't mean to offend anyone, especially those who like him, but I don't beleive in 24/7 broadcasts by candidates.


Really it's just a new step in campaign budgets, I'd say it doesn't create much changes in views and opinions but having his name in the TV guide probably helps...

. I concur. Not much different than, say, a web site. . One can always change the channel.

I haven't seen it yet! But I'll look ats it!


9 years ago

Obama* And I just saw the same channel on my guide channel...