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Looking For VPS Sponser? Answered

Hii Im Looking For VPS Sponser For My Company Of These Spec

128GB RAM or 48 also Work
Bandwith Unlimited
HDD space 1TB Or 500GB
Location Anywhere

Q.Why i need VPS?
A. For Game Server Hosting And For VPS Renting and Web Hosting

Q.Wht Will I Give in Return?
A.I Will Advertise At My Website And Will Give 40% To Sponsor

Q.If My Company Will Successful i will provide domains also

My Email



Best Answer 3 years ago

Not clever to post your email in an open website like that.

Try deleting this question, and re-posting in the "Wanted" forums.

so how can they contact me

ney can contact you in a PM (private message) through the site.