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Looking for Craft Activities that will last 45 mins for children ages 7-14? Answered

I've been asked to do some crafts for kids ages 7-14.  There will be a younger older group.  Money is not an issue for the projects, I just want something that will make a cool product and creating the project takes around 45 mins.  Thanks in advance for all your help!!


paper beads
Puppet theatre
Puppets - Marionette - hand - Shadow
Water rockets
Sugar Flowers
Baking - Cooking in general
Wooden Toys
paper Aeroplanes
Rice/pasta pictures
pasta jewellery
Paper folding
Photography with pin hole cameras
Make greeting cards
Simple robots

These are some pretty good suggestions. Some of them I am sure I can use (I will have to look up sugar flowers I've never heard of them) The projects coming out have to look...what's the best way to put it High end maybe. The program cost a lot of $$ so I have to ensure their product looks worth the money. I suggested the pasta jewelery before and got shot down. However some of your other suggestions I really think could work! Thanks!

In general such schemes are not measured byt he outcome but by the skills experienced/learned and by the free time it gives the parents.

Typical skills:

Working in a team
making friends
Working with a variety of materials
understanding manufacturing
Understanding processes
Self control
Working with adults
Understanding the results of our actions
Manual dexterity
How to connect and join things
How to work with tools
How to use resources economically
How to share

You can tell I used to be a teacher - all lesson planning had to identify the skill range covered by each project.

I completely agree with you. The problem is where I work, they want the out come to be the primary goal. The parents of these children are paying over $1,000 a week for their child to be there. There expectations are very high. We teach a wide variety of are media but I'm at a loss with crafts. I was told to do pre-packages stuff, and sure some is okay but man it's just so cookie cutter.

Sweet! (ha sugar humor) I appreciate you sending me the links!

There are so many possibilities here, it's almost impossible to give a quick answer (although see rickharris' and yokozuna's answers).

The best idea is to pick a theme ("easter", "flowers", "flight" etc) or a general craft (papercraft, painting, carving etc) and start from there with your search.

Yes, I agree a theme can help. The program lasts 4 weeks for some 8 weeks for other. I can't do anything holiday themed, because of the program that it is. I've done a lot of things in the past and am trying to find something fresh and new. I like a theme idea, tho, I could see that working for several projects in a row. Thanks! :)

I took wish the stuff for kids could get sorted out by category. There is wealth of info there and I am sure I miss things that are great! I really like your rubber band rocket btw. I might be able to use it with the boys or for a model rocketry class I teach as well.


7 years ago

Pick a bunch of different kinds of leaves and then hot melt glue them together to make leaf creatures.

Just make sure you don't pick any poison ivy.

That is a fun idea. Good call on the poison ivy! I will have to remember the rule, I think it's something with leaves of three.

I have never tried it so you should give it a trial run first. I know the glue would stick to dry leaves but I don't know about green ones. It could be a lot of fun and the only limit is their imagination.