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Looking for Heat Resistant Flexible Material Answered

I am trying to find a heat resistant material that is flexible... I am trying to make a pull down shade to attach to a tension rod, that will make my home more energy efficient... This means It will also need to be thin enough to roll up into a small roll... It needs to be reflective or at least block out all the sun... I work nights and sleep through the day, and have trouble sleeping when the sun gets through...


. How about "aluminized" Mylar? It doesn't insulate very well, but is very reflective and opaque. There is still one window (South facing) in my bedroom with Al foil over the panes from when I worked nights, but it doesn't roll up..

For insulating, just make 'pockets' or tubes to hold air. There are commercial variations, but you could do it yourself if you are willing to 'weld' your own plastics.