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Looking for Materials for Custom Sized IKEA Kassett Boxes (Desk Organization) Answered

I used to have a 7" x 10.5" x 3" cardboard storage box to put miscellaneous items from Ikea but they no longer make that size. The box looks like:

I have looked for alternative products but none were the same low price or the right size, other examples:

For the materials, the cardboard is no issue, just have to find the right thickness (and maybe laminated) but there are things that I do not know where to find:
 - The metallic label holder
 - The metallic lining around the lid
 - The short nut/bolts used for assembling it (will look at Home Depot)
 - (optional) Metallic corner covers

I was wondering if anyone made a similar box or would know where to get the material (or easier, buy it at less than $5 each...)