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Looking for Murphy bed frame/mechanism that works w/out a cabinet Answered

Hey all,

I'm looking to purchase a Murphy bed frame/mechanism w/out a cabinet. The only one I could find online was by a company in Canada (I'm in NYC)

Here is a link to the frame on their site: http://www.spacesolutions.ca/spacesolutionsweblog/?p=171

 already have the mechanism from http://www.wallbed.com/mechanism.html , which I received as a gift, but I think it would only work w/ a cabinet??

Is there any way to use the mechanism I have from wallbed w/out  a cabinet? Any other ideas or where I could find a frame/mechanism that would work w/out a cabinet? Or recommendation one someone in the NYC area who could help, including installation (paid of course)?



If covering is the only requirement, then do something with curtains.
But it may be that a cabinet is structurally important
It may be easier making a cabinet rather than trying to figure a work-around.
Making a cabinet is simply a matter of cutting plywood sheets to the right sizes and attaching them..
So, please let me suggest:
Design the cabinet in terms of 4X8 X1 " plywood
Go the lumberyard and have them do the cutting. Home Depot will do this, but I prefer smaller stores
I suggest paining before assembling.
Assemble using Corner Clamps ( I just wrote an instructable about that topic) ,
a drill driver and screws and glue.( I suggest also drilling pilot holes).
Edges of plywood can be covered with corner bead.
The cabinet may need to be attached to the wall.
This seems to be a not very hard project if you can get the lumbetr hauledand have basic materials. But it also seems to be a two man project. So call in a favor or trade favoprs or something.

Thanks for the tip. This would have been a good idea, but I have already purchased a new frame. It is made for a closet, though I will use it in my bedroom. It secures to the floor, so no cabinet needed. I found it on ebay after searching around for a murphy frame w/out a cabinet. Here is the link to what I purchaed if anyone is interested - http://murphybedframe.com/mb.htm. I purchaed the Queen size w/ the foundation. Price was $400. I also sold my old frame for $250 on ebay. I am having it installed Saturday and can post pics if anyone is interested.

I am also trying to find a frame for an antique Murphy in-a-Dor bed. It is a large door that pivots and the bed frame is installed on one side. It would seem that a frame that bolts to the wall could be bolted to the door. Does anyone know?


i agree with steve. the cabinet is just to hide the bed. it could be any structure that's capable of supporting the general weight of the bed and surviving the torque that the little lifters exert on it.

so, if whatever frame you were using/building was just tall enough to hold the lifters and the hinge you'd be fine. you'd have to come up with a way to replace the locking mechanism or something since it seems to be towards the feet, and interlocks with the top of a cabinet when you use a cabinet design.

Can't see why you'd NEED the cabinet ? You need something to hold the hinges, but that could be anything.