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Looking for Seamstress Answered

I am looking for someone to sew an idea that I have. Please message me for further details.


Good point. What I'm looking for is someone whom I can basically start a business with. Someone who can work with in manufacturing a prototype for an idea I have, and knows enough about the patent process to obtain a patent for it. They can own the business and deal with taxes, I just want 10% of the profit. Also once the product is completed I would help in the process of finding someone to make manufacture it for mass consumption as well as emailing potential business that would be willing to sell it. I just rather not deal with all the hassle of paper work, though I will be willing to deal with most of the potential sellers of the aforementioned potential product.

I don't want to give to much away of my idea but you could, if you want, describe it as a means for mobile meditation.

See a patent lawyer to get your patent, then try local manufacturers with your idea.

It would help if you gave people a vague idea of what you wanted (machine or hand sewing? What fabric? How much of it?), and and idea of where you are (presumably you will want to take possession of the item, so postage or travel costs will be an issue).