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Looking for a 5V valve to be driven by ARDUINO Answered

Hi everybody,

I am working on a project to make an automatic watering system driven by arduino. I am looking for a valve which I could operate without any extra power supply but the 5V from the ARDUINO.
It would be perfect if the valve could be in the range of the 6mm for tubes connections.
As my project will rely on gravity for water movements, I don't want to use a pump or whatever active device. Just some standard batteries connected to ARDUINO.
Do some of you know such a valve?
I have looked on the net without any success. I have found loads of watering projects using arduino but none with the same phylosphy. If you know one, please let me know.



possible solution. Get a little electronic blood pressure cuff. Gut it for the valve. 3v. 3 mm.

I try not to re-invent the wheel if i can help it. So, yeah. Shoppin is good.

My French aint so good, so i ran a googletranslate.

neither of those is CURRENTLY available. But maybe this is an indication that french speakers buy and sell this more often.

3mm to Tube 3mm Gas Solenoid Valve Solenoid DC 5V 0.4-0.5kgf / cm2
From DealMux
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Currently unavailable.
We do not know when or if this item will be back in stock.
Product Name: Electromagnetic solenoid valve; Rated voltage: DC 5V; Current Rating: 263mA
Stroke Rating and Strength (Min.): 0.4-0.5kgf / cm²; Max Power On Time: 1 Seconds (Max): 0.25 "x 0.39" (L * W * H)
Electrified rate: 10%; Mounting hole connector: 3 mm to 3 mm
External Material: Alloy, Electronic parts; Main Color: As Shown Image
Package contents; 5g: 1 x Solenoid Solenoid Valve Weight

I imagine that if 100 million people wanted this, it would be available off the shelf. Meanwhile,


I've seen some factory pinch valves. some don't list required voltage. One valve I saw needed 24 v and was $150. I think that was medical equip.

here's a little insight into what is already out there. a 24 volt valve will run on 12 volts. the solenoid takes a quarter amp at 24 volts.This is current which is drawn as long as the valve is open. Can you afford that current with your batteries?

with a Servo motor there would be zero current while the valve is open. only while the valve is opening or closing will there be current demand.

option : use a servo to pinch a piece of soft tubing shut. This is your own valve and very simple. It should work fine for low pressure water.

Make one...
Take a 12V version and replace the coil wiring.
Problem is that you need quite a bit of power to move a valve, unlike a relay.
I think you would have more luck using a servo on a small valve but still not easy to find one in 5V.

or. Replace the solonoid return spring with a lighter one.

I do see 5v servos online. Use it to pull the solonoid piston.

How would one rewire the solonoid to pull just as hard with less than 1/2 the V?

Actually, test 1. Will an unmodified 12v solonoid open with 5 v?

how high is your gravity feed tank?

Is the water in the tank clean

You are using 6mm tubing?

How far does the tubing go?