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Looking for a Mother! Answered

I'm looking for a kombucha mother culture and maybe some starter brew to start my own batch! I live in SF. Anyone have some to spare? After my first successes, I'll have some to share too!


^_^ I made my first SCOBY. It was simple, easy,and I have to admit I am proud of my Colby. [[Yes HE has a name.]] He's producing very well. If you have questions I'm open to PMs and I should be able to help anyone get their paws on one in about a month. I want to make sure I have enough babies to give enough to the comm. : ]] I can ship fairly easy from my town.

I'd like to get a hold of one. I'd share afterwards, too. Send me a msg. I live in TX.

post it on craigslist doesn't look very "yummy"

It doesn't, which is sorta why I picked this picture ;)
But it is yummy! In fact, I'm beginning to think it has addictive properties, since I can't seem to get enough of it.

I found some for sale on craigslist, but I'm much more interested in a freecycle-sort-of-deal. Fortunately, stasterisk has one to share!

aim looking to try this out. Where would I find a SCOBY.

What is this ? XD

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. Just search for it!

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It's a kombucha culture, aka mother, aka SCOBy. I'm trying to start my own batch of kombucha!

There's at least 5 Instructables on this site. Use the search upper right.


When she mentioned that she was looking to get a mother, she was meaning that she needed a SCOBY, which you can only get from other people, or the internet, or growing your own by a bottle of unpasteurized kombucha. And, since unpasteurized kombucha seems to be inexistant in the west of the US (I can't find any), and getting one from an online source costs money, the best bet is to get one from another Kombucha-ite.

Yes, the other Instructables should make a mention of where / how to get some? L

I got mine by putting up posters in all the local coffee shops and other 'crunchy' places as well as posting on craigslist, it took me about a month of emails and people flaking out on me to finally get one. About three days latter I saw a poster advertising free scoby at my co-op.

Post this on the Instructables - it'd probably be appreciated by someone L