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Looking for a Sugar Dispenser or valve Answered

Im looking for a dispenser or valve that can start and stop the flow of sugar. Please post any suggestions, I'm trying to build something and this final piece has been by far the most difficult to find.



6 years ago

When I wanted something like that, I found a never-been-used dispenser for soap in powder form. It pours out a portion of sugar when you push a button. Maybe something like that could work?

It cant be in portions it has to be able stop and allow the flow of sugar.
This is because alot of these dispensers dispense only 1 teaspoon at the most and i need at least 48 teaspoons. Pressing the bus would be an issue blus i doubt most of these dispensers could hold 48 teaspoons and most of all I want what im building to be automated.

Okay then. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

actually i googled what you were talking about and it does seem like what i would need do you know of nay automated ones?

Nope, sorry... mine is pretty old, and hand-operated.

It might seem an odd question, but, what kind of sugar?