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Looking for a Waveform Generator? Answered

I'm doing a science fair project that requires a curve tracer, and after reading around online, I found that an oscilloscope can be used with a waveform generator as a curve tracer. I already have an oscilloscope and now I just need the function generator. Does anyone know of a decent but inexpensive waveform generator with a voltage output maximum of somewhere around 6-10 volts or more?


Take a look at some of the projects here on the right.

I've looked through those and other instructables, but most either have voltage or frequency restrictions which won't work for my needs.

Since you didn't post your restrictions.....

I don't think, unless you want gigahertz and megavolts that you'd have much difficulty making one of the projects do what you want.

Now define it properly. WHAT waveforms ? Do you need an AWG, or just a sine, square or triangle wave ?

I actually did state in the description that I need a function generator with a maximum voltage of at least somewhere around 6-10 volts. The problem is that many of them have a maximum of 3.3 volts, and while I could potentially amplify the signal, that would require extra parts and time. I did forget to mention in the question that I need a sine wave generator.

You didn't mention frequency or waveform.

This project gives something like +/- 8V out.


And Ebay sell them


Oh, I saw that and read in the first step that it generates waves between 0 and 0.2 volts but missed where it states that that is the voltage before amplification. This might work.