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Looking for a collab to make a m-60 Answered



Best Answer 7 years ago


Blackops isnt very popular on Instructables, I barely get ANY views on my IBles, 1000 at the most right now

That's exactly my reaction when someone posts this sort of thing: Why?

I believe he meant for black ops. My BO ibles get a decent amount of views, if you consider 1000 a fair to good amount.

I'll do it, I love that gun. Flak jacket, hardended, and tac mask pro makes you a juggernaut while defending a position. Look up on youtube XBOX AHOY m60 guide, it is a really helpful video. Im not spamming its actually pretty cool

Either way, I'd consider that out of scope for Instructables. Your milage may vary.

the belt fed machine gun used by the US Army before the M240B or the firecracker?