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Looking for a creative idea - fastening Answered

I was wondering, perhaps somebody has a creative idea how to fasten a piece of Velcro to an aluminium plank 3/8'' wide.

I was thinking:
1. Riveting - the head is to big though and the result is not as flush as I would like to be.
2. Glue - I don't like gluing things, would rather have a mechanical\fusing solution. But even if I agree to do so, what kind of glue should I use?


The aluminum will have the weaker bond to glue. Therefore, I suggest drilling into it to create a mechanical bond. Use Epoxy which will fill those holes like rivets.

They do sell permanent mounting tapes. Double-sided foam or flat tapes with various strength, the stuff they use to mount signs that you can never peel off. They also have the industrial strength velcro with sticky back just for that purpose. Good luck.