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Looking for a good DIY Answered

Hi. Does any of you, dear DIY geniuses know a way to make a good and usable wind screen for a RODE Videomic Go like this one from Rycote ?

The only tutorials I found were a bit crappy and I was wondering if there was any way for improvements so the final product might be closer to the Rycote one for usability & durability.

Thanks to answer


In making a "dead cat" you probably want the highest quality synthetic fur that goes for around 15-20+ bucks a yard. It's not much more than a slipcover with maybe elastic or drawstrings to hold it in place.

Hello caitlinsdad. Sorry if I didn't answer sooner. By wind screen I didn't mean the fur, but the "blimp" itself. Sorry for the confusion.

I'm guessing you have the Rode mic and its mount to the camera. There are many ways to make a metal cage that is spring mounted or clamped to the mic. You can fabricate it from stiff wire that you can solder or braze or thin metal strips that you can rivet together, form from perforated sheet metal or even come up with a 3D printed design. Good luck.