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Looking for a good tracked arduino platform? Answered

Hi, I want to get a good tracked platform for my arduino. I was looking at the dfrobotshop rover but decided that it was too pricey and slow for what I wanted. I was also looking at the tamiya and rover 5 platforms but decided that they all were too slow (but had a appealing prise range). Anyway what would be a good cheap track platform for arduino that had some speed?

Thanks, David.


Those mentioned are your best options.

How much speed are you wanting to get?
There are 2 main factors limiting the speed of the robot. The first is how fast the arduino can run through the code. The second is how long you allow the motors to run before checking the sensors to verify if it's still on track or not. But you can reach a point where the robot can easily overtake the line and loose position. So get either platform you want and play around with the code to find the maximum working speed.

Thanks, I never considered that. What would be a speed controller that you would recommend for the rover 5 platform. I've looked at l298n but the max voltage is 7v while I want to use 7.4.

The stall current of the motors is 2.5A.

A little searching will show you where you can buy motors, gear boxes and tracks to make your own.

the tamiya kits are often used, slow can be good.

What do you need to do with the platform,

Where are you in this wide world?

I'm in Nz. I just need a platform to experiment with. Make my first proper robot. I have decided on the rover 5. What h bridge chip would you recommend (7.4V 2.5A).