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Looking for a reason that my PS2 game CD won't play anymore - (isn't scratched at all) Answered

I just can't figure it out... I need tech-assistance on why my PS2 game won't run anymore.  Details: 1). It's not scratched, but when I put it in the game system...; 2). The "PlayStation 2" Bios Screen comes up -- then nothing after that... just a black screen.  3). Also: I hear the CD game spinning - at which I've tried "fast disc speed" and letting it play at Normal Disc Speed, too; only to find out it's going to do the same thing every time.  The name of the game is "Shadow The Hedgehog".  That game was originally out on the Nintendo GameCube in the mini-disc format; but, then in 2005 - it came out in the PS2 3" format.*  So - (Question: What do I do)?  Providing the details, what can be done - (do I have to buy another copy of the game, or can it be restored, somehow?)  Someone - please, tell me.


1. try another game disk. is your system working at all?
2. just turn on your ps2 without any disks, does it boot up normally?
3. Maybe the disk drive went bad or something else internal went bad.

Thanks :)
Turns out --- All I had to do, was use a clean T-Shirt with 100% Cotton (cotton that was easy on the disc for the PlayStation 2 game-system). What made me think of the idea in the first place was when you'd mentioned the ...'disc cleaning kits' and the - ...fact that I didn't have sufficient cash to purchase one: (so I just used the clean T-Shirt idea)'! "^_^"
What do you know -- IT WORKED... ! I didn't think it would: at first, because the optical-laser system inside the PS2 system kept trying to focus-up on something... and, I knew about this; due to the amount of timing between the PS2 bios screen being presented on the TV screen -- and, the game logos coming on. Then: "Viola!" I knew it worked - because when I attempted to load and run a level in the game, (itself) -- IT WORKED -- and it ran... smoothly... like brand-new!!!* I don't know exactly HOW IT WORKED - I just know it worked because I witnessed it with my 2 eyes.

Thanks very much for the help on this topic!!! I appreciate this. :-)

That's a pretty old disc. You can't always see the flaws. They can get damaged, crack, corrode, etc, and stop being readable. If your PS works with other discs, then I'd suggest giving the disc a good cleaning (gently!), with a disc cleaning kit (if you have one) or mild soap and water on a cloth, drying it off manually and also leaving it dry a while too...then try it again. You can also see if it works on a friends PS3 (PS2).

As a last resort, they do sell scratch repair kits for CDs. Which may help, I know you said there are no scratches, but there might be some you can't see. I'd doubt this would help and it's probably cheaper to just buy the game again, used.