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Looking for a small CNC Spindle Motor with chuck? Answered

I am having a hard time finding a small dc or ac motor to use a spindle for a small CNC machine. It has a dremel on it now, but would like a single motor. Such as this which has an adjustable chuck, but are sold out. Only other one I found was This, but would like some more options.

Is there another website to look at? wouldn't mind a used or surplus one as well.



Pretty much as powerful as a dremel/rotary tool. I just don't want to use a flex shaft from a rotary tool as the spindle anymore, hoping for a better alternative. 1/8" collet is fine, but adjustable or upto 1/4" would be better

How many watts do you want ? How fast do you want to go.

I note the second one only has a 1/8 chuck on it - that's pretty small to be very versatile.

Our routers had Porter cable motors on them - worth looking at their web site. Collett chuck was custom made though.