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Looking for a vps or reseller sponsor? Answered

I'm looking for someone who could sponsor me a vps server or a reseller. I waned to use it for our web-host. In return I will advertise your site on ours. If there is anything else you want don't hesitate to ask.

Requirements for VPS/Reseller:

Space: 100 GB at minimum, but more would be greatly appreciative.
Bandwidth: Unlimited I was hoping for, but 500 GB to 1 Tb would due.



I didn't look too hard, but I'm getting the impression that no one would cover their costs from advertising.
Maybe if you gave more information on what you want to use the VPS for, someone might feel generous. I'd put it in a Forum Topic though, as they tend to last longer than these questions.


We would be using the vps for a web-hosting server. We are trying to get vps servers for are free web-host. And truthfully, it doesn't have to be a vps. A reseller would be fine too. :)

Hosting what though? Give us some interest...


The server would be used to host users sites.

What sort of user sites? As in: what would a person be sponsoring, and what value in the advertising?


Well, It is a webhost. So I wouldn't know for sure what their site will be about.

Here is a problem then:
You'd like someone to spend their money to provide you with 100 GB at minimum, but more would be greatly appreciative. Bandwidth: Unlimited I was hoping for, but 500 GB to 1 Tb would due.
-but you don't know what it'll be used for.

It's not going to happen like that, not with those requirements.


Asking here isn't going to do it. You're going to have to go out and "pound the pavement", physically or electronically, pitching your site to people who might be willing to make the investment. First step is going to be to put together a pro-level presentation on what you intend to do with the site and why it would be worth their time/money to even talk to you. And, frankly, if you aren't willing to invest a large chunk of YOUR money into your startup, odds are that nobody is going to risk a penny of theirs. It's your idea; it's up to you to launch it.

I didn't want anyone to buy one for me. I was wondering if someone who owns a webhost or something could sponsor me a vps or reseller. Or even if someone has a server in their basement that they are willing to share with a webhost. And btw, the network is already set up, all we need is another hosting server. That is why I'm asking here.

Good luck. I think my answer still stands. If you want it to happen, go out and make it happen, and that involves putting your own money, or at least time, into it. If you don't, it won't happen.

.  You might be able to find someone that will allow you to use 100GB of HDD, but I have a hard time visualizing anyone giving you 500GB-1TB (I'm assuming per day) of network resources.
.  Whose going to be responsible for the domain name fees?
.  Your best bet is to get a reseller's account at one of the hosting services. I've used HostGator.com * for a while and have had good luck with them (but I don't resell, it's just my personal web site and e-mail). They have VPS hosting "starting at $19.95/month."

*no connection, just a happy customer - I didn't even use an affiliate link ;) 

And I can take care the domain names and stuff. All I'm looking for is someone how can sponsor me a vps or reseller..


7 years ago

thats a tall order for getting essentially free. not likely to happen. im sure you've seen a vps with that level of specs to be expensive.

I was just looking for someone who would sponsor a vps like that. I'd be willing to advertise the sponsors site on our host. And will also do posts on the sponsors forum (like if they own a p2h site). Don't hesitate to ask. And really, we don't care if the vps is that big, as long as it gives us some room for cpanel and users sites. :)