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Looking for advice on panel mount connectors (something like banana plugs) Answered

Not sure if Tech is the right place to post but it seems appropriate. I have been doing some breadboarding lately and in an effort to clean up my work I plan on making a box/panel with several commonly used components (potentiometers, audio jacks, DC jacks, other sockets).
I would like to have some sort of quick way of connecting these components to a breadboard. I saw a post here in instructables on how to make Banana plug to breadboard pin jumpers. The only problem I have with this solution is that all of the panel mount banana plug jacks I can find are fairly pricey and somewhat bulky for what I want. Does anyone know of something like a panel mount breadboard socket? The components I will be using will have anywhere from 2-9+ wires coming from them so I would like a way to have some sort of socket or connector mounted with the component and use wires to connect to the breadboard only when the component will be used (as to avoid lots of excess, unused wires coming from my panel).

A source of cheap banana plug jacks (female, panel mount) and crimp on male plugs would help as well, if I cant find another option.



5 years ago

If it were me I would get some female .1 inch headers like these:
and mount them in the panel next to the components. Then you could use regular old jumpers to connect the headers to the breadboard.

Ew, these spring terminals are cool too, but it would be more expensive than the headers.

Another way is attaching a ribbon cable to IDC connectors. Just remember where each pin goes and what they do.

Newark is good.

I searched for "4mm banana plug panel" and got lots of results at $0.6 each.

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