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Looking for an incandescent light fader? Answered

Looking for instructions on how to build an incandescent light fader.  Want to be able to control the speed of the fading.  Want to be able to control about 6-12 40-60 Watt light bulbs.


Buy yourself some DMX dimmers - you can get 4 channel units for less than 70 USD. You'll struggle to make your own for that price.

DMX control is a kind of RS485 serial signal, and can be generated by a PC or a micro like an Arduino very very easily.


Thanks for all the responses. My question has been answered.

Is this for one light fixture with 6-12 bulbs, or do you want to control 6-12 separate lamps?

Great question - hoping to be able to control 2-light fixtures with each fixture having about 6 bulbs. I would be happy to be able to do it either way.

I know you asked for instructions on how to make an incandescent light fader (aka a "dimmer"), but with respect to the price of parts, your time, and safety factors, have you considered using something already made?

I found you a link to a Lamp Dimmer on Amazon.com. It's only $10.90 and has a slider control for dimming the lights, and can take up to 300 watts (which should be fine for 6 40-watt bulbs). I'm sure with some additional searching, you could find one even cheaper. Anyways, its an easier (and perhaps safer) route to take.

Thanks canucksgirl. The two responses I have received are both for dimming lights. I'm looking to fade lights on/off for more than one channel. For instance say I have two 60W light bulbs. I want to be able to automatically have one light on full brightness while the other light is off. Then as the lit bulb starts to fade the other bulb starts to brighten until the lit bulb is off and the the other bulb is fully bright. I would like to be able to control the speed of the fade between the two bulbs. Using incandescent light bulbs not LEDS. Hope you or somebody else can help!

Ok, that's definitely not a light dimmer or imo, a light fader... If I understand your example, you essentially want to oscillate between the lights, and have control of the speed at which the lights dim or brighten.

If that's correct, and since your question is already a couple days old (its not going to gain more views now), so, what I would suggest you do is select a best answer, and close this question. Then re-ask this question with as much detail as you can. An illustration of how you'd like the lights configured and an explanation of how many lights should be on-off and dimming/brightening at one time. This way, your question will get reviewed by everyone again, with the proper information to help you. There is definitely members here who can get you the schematics (but perhaps didn't, because of the misunderstanding in your question).

I hope that helps. ;-)

Sounds like you have a circuit that should work. However your link doesn't work? Can you check and re-post?

I was able to get to the link. Will this circuit automatically fade the lights in and out?