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Looking for cheap LiPo 3s low voltagle cutoof/balance circuit Answered

Looking to add portability to a boombox project I built. Want to just grab a LiPo r/c pack and use a 3a 12v SMPS to charge it with.

Know of a good battery protection circuit? This will be going to a non tech minded friend. So I'd like him to just be able to plug in the PSU when he is home without the worry of overcharging and be able to run it until the low voltage cut off is hit without worrying about killing the batteries.

Any suggestions?

It would be for this https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Boombox-Ghettoblaster/




5 years ago

Thanks, I've bought LiPo from HK too. The charger I bought has a ton of options, I didn't think about them having just a basic one.

Would there be any problems running the amp off of the battery while it is plugged in charging?

Only one way to find out, but I thought I'd ask if you had any experience with that situation.


5 years ago

I get all my LiPo-stuff from hobbyking.
A cheap charger for 2S-3S is http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__7637__Turnigy_balancer_Charger_2S_3S.html for < 5$.
It is a complete charger to savely charge the LiPo.

To prevent low-dicscharge, there would be something needed like a low-voltage-detector and wire it up to a switch.
Maybe one of those 2-3$ detectors help here:
simply wire the output to a small (preferably solidstate-) relais and you are done.

Also they have some nice and cheap LiPo's ;)


5 years ago

Buy the charger made for the battery packs and integrate it into the system.