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Looking for craft projects for 6 to 10 yr old craft coop. Something that is cool, quick and super fun! Answered

These kids are all over the place.  Seriously there are ten of them both boys and girls.  Other than my two who are used to using materials independently they ask for a lot of help.  Also things that I think will keep them busy for a while they just blow through to be finished without really enjoying or experimenting with materials.  I am looking for construction projects, textile projects, simple machines, anything to keep these guys busy for the two hours they are with me.  You guys will be saving my sanity!!


Oh and also Rube Goldberg devices. You are can never really be done with those things! Plus the amount of creativity you can put in. If they are done just tell them " How about you put another _________ in over there?"

Most kids like to make catapults or anything that can fire a projectile. Try the office wars section of Instructables.

Almost NOTHING will keep them occupied for 2 hours with no adult input.

IF you spur their interest then they will stick at whatever attracts them

Friendship bracelets
Card weaving
Bead jewellery
shrinky dinks
Friendly plastic jewellery

Puppetry - puppet show
Science experiments

War games
bug collecting
pond dipping

What I meant to say is I need enough options to make sure those who finish early could move on to another little project without to much help.  Sorry for not being clear.  Thanks!

Try a catapult themed night.

Quick and nimble-fingered children can make paper catapults, then have a small war with dried peas.

Less careful children could make Viking catapults, then do battle with ping-pong balls.

Or you could give them a pile of barbecue skewers and string, and challenge teams to make a catapult that fires the furthest.  Give them pictures of catapults as inspirational references.

Overall, there are loads of catapult projects, at most degrees of skill.


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How about this...