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Looking for crushed cow picture, please help. Answered

First of all, it's not what it sounds like! Well, maybe it is. In my geology class today, we were told that there was once a cow that had fallen into an exposed part of the San Andreas fault, then the fault closed up.....leaving only the tail above ground. We were challenged to find this picture, and i've gone 40+ pages into a google search, i've looked through the list of wierd topics on wikipedia (and had a damn good laugh), but i've not found what i was looking for. Can anyone help? Can any of you either post the picture here, or post a link to a site where i can find it?


The lawson report seems to be what you are after: At least one scientist, though, fell victim to a tall tale. Here's one entry from the Lawson Report about a legendary incident that happened very close to Point Reyes National Seashore: "During the earthquake a cow fell into the fault crack and the earth closed in on her so that only the tail remained visible. At the time of my visit, the tail had disappeared, being eaten by dogs." The farmer who showed people his cow later recanted, saying he merely pushed the cow (which died of natural causes) into the crevasse. Still, Boatwright is in tremendous awe of the Lawson Report. When his boss at the USGS assigned him to find out where the ground shook the most and least in 1906, he used the report as his guidebook. Boatwright visited dozens of sites mentioned in the Lawson Report to see what evidence of shaking still remained.


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Hi Vendigroth, as I enjoy reading the stuff you clearly spend so much time compiling, the least I could do in return is to locate the photo you requested. It's strange that without the attached cow, (or in this case, an attached but invisible cow), the tail doesn't really look like a tail at all.


Nice! I wonder if my teacher'll believe that.

Well, she may already know that it is an urban legend ...maybe that was your assignment, to find the picture if you can, and discover it's origin ?

It's an urban legend? Hugh's a woman? what more surprises will today bring!? Ah, well, i'll just show her that and keep searching.

The two links I gave on Nov 5 were one to a picture of a barn where this also reportedly happened and the other to the legend.

This was toe only one I could find...

C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\cow.jpg

Photoshop, dude :-P

That supposedly happened in the early 1900's, right ? Not many photographs from that era around :-)

Learn to spell.

If you are saying he is a wacko for wanting to see that... Then you are saying his teacher is also a wacko and the education board. I think your missing the point... It's an assignment... ;)

From: cow in barn in faullt

Where the earth actually split open, in what is today Point Reyes National Seashore, there was only one casualty – a cow named Matilda – who, according to the official earthquake commission report at the time, “fell headfirst into the fault crack just before the earth closed in on her, so that only her tail remained visible.”

Then again, we have this also: Did she die or was it a hoax?