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Looking for homemade candy recipes!!!! Answered

Me and my friends are looking for some extra money and decided that we were going to try to sell some homemade candy. We are looking for some easy-ish recipes, but we are willing to try some harder ones too. We are on a pretty (very) low budget. Maybe $25 or so. So, if you know any recipes personally, or the URL's to some other recipes online, please include them in your answer. Alternatively, you could private message your recipes and info to me on YouTube. My channel is TNTutorials. Please do your best to contribute. We are doing our best to save up money for some personal goals, and the civilians in my neighborhood are candy heads, so we thought that this should work. Please take this seriously, and try to contribute!



One idea I thought of right away (if you live in the USA) is the fudge recipe that is on the back of the jars of marshmallow cream...easy and quick and most people love fudge. Another idea, even easier and cheaper...is melted almond bark or chocolate-flavored coating, over just about anything. Our family loves to melt the chocolate stuff in the microwave, and dip pretzels in it, nuts, just about anything non-perishable. You can even do fruit, but it doesn't last very long...so I would stick with pretzels or things like that. I had a friend that glitzed these up by rolling the dipped pretzels in toffee bits or crushed peppermints. If you wrap them up fun, you can usually charge a wee bit more. Good luck!


8 years ago

Microwave peanut brittle is amazingly simple and good. Unfortunately, the recipe I use is 800 miles away, but you can probably find one online.