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Looking for ideas to repurpose a dryer Answered

The motor in our electric dryer died and SWMBO decided that we were going to replace it with a new energy efficient model. So now I've got an old electric drier to get rid of. seems a shame to just take it to the land fill.

So what good ideas does anyone have for repurposeing/upcycling an old electric dryer?


you could set it in the front of your yard and let stray dogs birth puppies in it.

Im sure the neighbors would appreciate the touch of" Americana" you would have in your yard

It would match the refrigerator with "come play in me" spray painted on it.

With the motor dead, it becomes a rather impractical bookshelf. Seriously, if no reuse projcet comes to mind, the metal in it can be recycled rather than going to a landfill. In my area there are appliance recycling programs - partly to be green and partly to keep idiots from dumping them on the roadside. Try googling (appliance recycle *your town*).

Yeah when I take it to the dump, it will get recycled, so I guess that is one nice thing.