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Looking for instructions on a sound masker to defeat listening bugs? Answered

I have a friend who is going through a rough divorce and we think it is quite likely that he has bugged her house. He has used electronic bugs in the past, his daughter is mentally and physically handicapped and he put it on her wheel chair to hear what happened during her first day of middle school. I am looking for cheap instructions on how to build a device to detect it and/or instructions on a device like you read about in espionage books that produces noise that makes anything a bug picks up unintelligible.


Instead of removing the bug, or destroying it, try feeding it wrong information. Have conversations that mislead the listener to believe a lie, or send him in the wrong direction. This turns the bug into a tool of yours instead of his.

A through search in a normal house will show any listening devices an amateur has place, sweep the whole house at least twice reject anything that isn't yours or identifiable.

Stop being paranoid.

In general DIY bugs only have a short range and are picked up an a standard FM radio above 100Mhz so you can use a radio to listen for your own voice.

You could try listening for the bug with an FM radio - turn the volume up high, and sweep the tuner. If there's an FM bug, you should be able to hear an appalling noise when the radio hits the transmit frequency: turn the volume down if you detect something, then move around the room listening, to home in on the thing.

What you're asking for is a white noise generator.

Unfortunately, despite what the films show, any noise generator that defeats a bug will also defeat normal conversation.

If you genuinely believe that the house has been bugged, then the perpetrator has committed an offence, possibly several, depending on the exact circumstances and local laws (invasion of privacy, trespass, illegal broadcasting, recording private conversations without the consent of one of the parties etc). In which case, you should inform the local law enforcement, and possibly swear an affidavit to be entered into the documentation of the divorce proceedings.

It is possible to jam the radio broadcast of the bugs, but you will need a powerful transmitter yourself, which lays you open to prosecution for interfering with other people's radio/TV reception. If you wish to defeat such bugs, you need to detect their broadcasts to locate them and physically remove them.

That sounds like a project for Instructables Spy Challenge...