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Looking for micro pump for steampunk liquid-cooled laptop tray Answered

Anyone with an aluminum powerbook knows how scary-hot the get during a dvd rip. My solution is a steampunk liquid cooling tray. It would have a copper plate with a thin liquid reservoir just under the centre, where the processor is, with brazed copper tubes emanating outward under the tray. But to keep the tray thin, I can't take advantage of the natural upward flow of the hot liquid and I want to avoid radiators hanging out the back or sides. I figure I need a wee pump to push the liquid out to the outer edges to cool. Running off the USB of course! I've seen the one made from a phone vibrator, a pen and some tubing. That'd work, i suppose.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a low voltage micro/nano pump?

As for the USB, I found a mini voltage converter here.

I can handle the design, it's the technical (esp. electrical) aspects that make me stumble. Any help would be so appreciated.


I'm planning on making one myself using this instructable. what i plan on using as the pump would be one of those small indoor fountain pumps just enough to keep the water flowing. I just don't know if the pump can stand the heat stress from the water/liquid. hope that answers your question.