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Looking for high voltage transformer(s) Answered

Hi! I am looking for anyone who would be willing to give me any neon sign transformers (that are not being used or are unwanted) for free. I have looked online and everyone that I have found has been way too expensive. It doesn't really matter the type, voltage, current, etc. of the transformer, I am just looking for one suitable for making a tesla coil of any size (I can adjust the design and size of the tesla coil to work well with the transformer). I would be willing to pay for shipping as long as you live in the US for I do not have very much money. Also, if you are not willing to give me or do not have a neon sign transformer, I am also looking for oil burner ignition transformers and pretty mucj any high voltage transformers that can be used for high voltage experiments/projects.

If you are interested in giving me a transformer for free and are willing to pay for postage, please email me at the following email: ThatElectronicsGirl@gmail.com
Otherwise, please leave a reply to this post.

Whether you are willing to give me any of the transformers I asked for or not, thank you for taking the time to take a look at this post.



1 year ago

A good ol' unmodified microwave transformer should have one secondary with HV (~2000VAC).

check yer email.

you might try a metal scrapyard.

Depending in what part of the world you are there is little to no chance of getting them for money, let alone for free.
I tried for a few years now with all tradies and companies I could find in this country - nothing.
Was actually told that as long as they are working and safe they will simply be used for new signs again and again.