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Looking for online DJs for new station Answered

I'm starting a new station called Black Box Radio. Providing we make the needed level of donations we're gunna launch on the 15th.
Anyone want to to DJ for us? All styles are considered.

Reply here or PM me if you're interested.

Visit our partially built (a few hours last night) website. http://www.blackboxradio.co.uk/


Hey, baby, groove on down to the latest platter from Handel...

I can't help personally, but good luck (and be careful with your licensing - UK authorities are cracking down on pirate stations at the moment, so make sure your paperwork is in order).

Did you look at the site?
"We're a legal non-profit radio station built by and for our listeners. We're run on the kindness of you guys and we can have up to 300 of you listening at once on our current server. We're currently available through internet radios" (or will be)


I looked after I typed. Ah, well. Good to see they've ticked all the legal boxes.

You could also try promoting your station on the BBC's Blast site - I can't, as the content is "age restricted" (I'm too old!). You will have to sign up (free), but remember to pay attention to what date of birth you type it - I think the maximum age for Blast is 16.

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