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Looking for particular instructable Answered

I'm looking for an instructable that showed how to build a curvy style shelf like that in Alice in Wonderland. It is similar to the one in the link below but had much more detail. I have a friend wanting something similar for their daughter and thought that shelf would be perfect but now can't find it.




This is what I am referring to but all of the build steps are gone now.

It looks like a lot of people have been asking why he took down the instructions! I have no information. I guess the only thing to do is PM the author and see if he responds.

I guess this instructable is gone as I have yet to find it.

I've had a look, but no joy. Can you remember anything else? Any idea to the author (even if it's just the picture of their avatar)? The materials used? Any quirky comments?

Seems like they used MDF board and some thinner plywood to bend around the curves. I think the one shown was maybe pink with accents. It had quite a bit of router work to it also.

Ach, I can't find it.

What's annoying is that I am sure I remember reading it...

I've looked through 100s of pages and can't find it. I'm wondering if it was deleted.

I hope not - if we're thinking about the same thing, it was pretty good.

I've looked and looked and am still coming up empty.

of course this is not it.. I just read the bit about being pink doh