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Looking for programming/scripting options for iPod Touch that don't involve Apple Dev solutions. Answered

I've been casting around for ways to program my iPod Touch 2G, such as by using Python or Processing. Not enthusiastic about jailbraking it at present. Wanting to interface an Arduino to it to do data logging, time-series analysis, graphing.


Apple has been working fairly hard to ensure that all code goes through either an official development package or the app store. That's why they don't support Flash.

If this is what you want to do, you might have been better off with an Archos or one of the other packet PCs that can be loaded with a Linux variant (Android or other).

Best suggestion I can think of is to get a junker PC to act as the Arduino's partner, and set up a webserver so you can view the logs/analysis from a browser... then just use the Touch browser as the control panel.

Thanks everyone...I was thinking also that I could attach an Arduino to a tiny web server (various ways to do this), and then use JavaScript as a coding environment. My main objective is to work up a remote display and control interface, rather than physically connect an Arduino. I had just more or less inherited a 2G Touch, was curious about programming options, and like no doubt billions of others, was feeling lost and mystified about not being able to find much. It would be awfully cool if it were possible to run web-page Processing apps on the Touch, though...

Seconded on the web interface. I'm not sure the Touch (or any other device normally plugged into a PC) has any capability of being a USB host regardless of availability of Python, Processing, or whatever. So unless I'm wrong there, you have no good way of plugging in an Arduino to begin with.

Apple won't approve any app that can run arbitrary scripts, so if you want to do something like that with it, jailbreaking is your only option.