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Looking for safe cat treats for my Sgt. Sassie Meowstein Answered

My question is: I am looking for safe cat treats for my Sgt. Sassie Meowstein.  She loves tuna. Not a big fan of any other meat.  I have been using whiskas - tuna flavor.  It has chicken & rice in it with tuna.  She will pull out the tuna treats & leave the other treats there.  Can you please help me?  Tigerooma

By the way love your website.  I found so many things to do for my endless projects.


same, nohelp but she could be a distant cousin of my dear Sir Reginald Lucas!

Sorry, not much help here, but I must say you have named your cat something awesome :)


6 years ago

Sounds pretty spoiled. There may not be much hope.
I have more than a few cats so there is a competition factor. They grab anything, even if they don't like it, just so another doesn't get it first.
They do tend to have individual likes. I have a couple who love Cheetos, I have to hid the bags otherwise they get into them. While the others look on with disdain that anything other than me would eat that stuff. Another doesn't like Cheetos buts eats potato chips. A universal yuk seams to be anything that is hot. as in pepper hot.

Something you could try is a food processor. Grind it all up together, then add a little water and make it into bit size bits. If that is not acceptable add some tuna juice to the mix.

Starvation doesn't usually work because they know you won't hold out. You will break before they do. And their begging can be pretty persistent.