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Looking for safe "recipie" to create a scratch card for messages that people can uncover by scratching cards with a coin Answered

I would like to learn how to make some sort of ointment to put on cards that will not scratch too easily, yet that will let itself be taken off with the help of a coin or any other sharp-edged objects. The possibility of changing the colour of the ointment would be great as i would like to include the cards as part of an art project which be very colourful. The ointment should apply smoothly on the card to avoid bloaches and bubbling, should have a good shelf-life and be completely safe in the hands of artists and "scratchers" alike. The art piece is going in an art exhibition on September 6th, 2009 so it would be great if I had the recipie beforehand to create the cards. Many thanks to all who are interested in looking into this ;) Mariounette



Best Answer 9 years ago

I remember making scratch art by colouring cardstock with a wax crayon, full opacity - then painting over it with black tempra paints with a drop of dishsoap in it - then you could scratch the black off to make pictures...

I'll echo frollard: a high gloss surface and tempera paint. Several coats if you don't want to use black. You may have to laminate the surface depending on the paper you use.

lemonie's suggestion is a recipie for scratch tickets, not sure the proportions of ingredients though.

Thanks everybody for your advice! I'm going with Ookseer & Frollard (Lemonie: you scare me with your recipie, you sure it won't explode? lol) I'm going with dishwashing liquid mixed with liquid coloured acrylics on laminated cards. Wax was a good idea Jayefuu but the spot lights in the art exhibition may make a mess. I'll use the idea for experiments on canvas though ;)

How about using coloured wax? You could experiment with adding different amounts of oil to make it spread better and mask off an area then paint hot wax on.

Plus aluminium powder / graphite flake / powdered charcoal? (opacity in a thin film) L