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Looking for salt free ice / snow melt Answered

Hi all, I am looking for an ice/ snow melter that won't harm concrete or other surfaces, is safe for pets and can be easily made from household products or at home. I would like to be able to apply it before or after ice forms. Thank you



11 years ago

Calcium chloride. It's cheap. You can't melt it with heat- takes way too much energy to be practical. Some people have run pipes through their driveway to melt snow as it falls. The result? A pool of ice at the bottom of the drive. There's a patio in front of a museum next door to my office where they installed underground heating pipes. Looks like they turned it off after one winter, as it simply created a mass of dangrous ice all around it.

It's a salt, but it's not "salt" ;-)

It's also not terribly healthy to the animal population.


11 years ago

Kitty litter and sand work.

Niether Kitty litter nor sand will melt ice. They add traction to the slippery surface.

oh......sorry about that, but you can still use them!

Other than salt? Heat! Just about anything that burns will melt snow in this manner. Heat can also be produced with a hair dryer, hot air gun or area heater. Keep the pets out of the way while you apply "heat," but the hazard shouldn't linger for long.