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Looking for software to run a touch screen device utilizing Acoustic Pulse Recognition. Answered

I was recently reading about Acoustic pulse recognition as a means of turning a pane of glass into a touch screen. I feel this would be a very unique project to attempt, and would make a great, or at least interesting, input device to setup somewhere in my home.
A pane of glass with four microphones used to determine the location of a touch is essentially what I'm talking about.

The first logical place for me to start would be to begin searching for software that would make such a device functional, but my search has yielded no results thus far. Does anybody know if there is software ( preferably multiplatform ) available for Acoustic pulse recognition, or might I have to use some form of dedicated hardware to run the device instead?

I somehow doubt I will find exactly what I'm looking for due to the complexity of what it needs to do, but It doesn't hurt to ask. 


I hope this link works: https://twitter.com/boingboing/status/154455318775078912

It sounds like an ipod touch. there is that software out.

Ipod touch uses a capacitive touch system. It utilizes what is essentially a very thin layer of small electrodes for detecting contact.

The system I am after is quite different, and uses a series of microphones. When the surface is disturbed, the location of the disturbance is located by comparing the time it takes for the sound to reach each microphone.

Something LIKE that was flagged on Slashdot yesterday - it used a SINGLE contact mic.


I think you'll have to write your own code. Too much of it depends on your hardware specifics.