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Looking for some suggestions to repair an guitarist anime figurine, Alters Azusa Nakano is her name. Answered

I have an anime figurine made by alter. She is a Azusa Nakano with a cool guitar. A very cute figurine I must say.Anyway uh, she took a little tumble and her guitar got slightly damaged, specifically the tuning knobs up top did, four were lost and one was damaged a little.

So I am trying to figure out how to make new knobs, how doable is this? They are roughly 1.6ish mm in diameter pearly white discs that have slightly sloped edges, so they are circles but rounded on the corners instead of perfectly flat. Oh and they are super thin.there is a little stick attached to the disc which connects to the guitar.

So in short I am trying to figure out how to make little white plastic lollipops. I can paint some parts if I have to, or use a little metal if it is safe. Any suggestions? Sorry for bothering you all. I am a noob, i know, and I bow to your greatnesses. :P?

Oh the included picture is her with her guitar intact. It is one someone else took, not of my figurine but rather the same make, so I am not claiming credit for the awesome photography, but what I am looking to make are the white things up top.

I ordered a set of jewelers drill bits and some steel wire which I think might help out a lot. Also my dad is a model railroader and I was thinking his skills may help me where I fall short.

Anyways thanks in advance.




Best Answer 7 years ago

Its hard to tell anything from the picture, but from your description I would try using straight pins and some white plastic.
Get a plastic plastic knife from a fast food place and cut pieces from it a little larger than the finished size. Heat a pin an melt a hole into the edge of the plastic. Then cut the head off a different pin to leave the appropriate length of the pointy end. Glue the cut pin into the hole with super glue and then trim and shape the plastic with the aid of finger nail clippers and sandpaper. When you get that looking right, glue the pin into the guitar. Do that for all so they will match.

Yeah I think that might be best. I'll have fun trying to sand a tiny bead though. Can you sand glass?

Very cool idea. Unfortunately what I am dealing with is thinner than a plastic knife. but a knife is the best idea I have heard thank you.

I actually went to Michaels today and bought some pins that will work great for my project, also the smallest shiny white pearly beads I could find. The actual adjustment things I would like to make are flat and not circular, but at a distance the beads will look the same as the actual pieces until the figurine is turned around and inspected closely.

Still I may look around at white plastic knives a little bit. My problem is the knife would have to be literally about .6mm thick.

You know what, it might actually work though? I will see if there are some plastic things I can cut, like say a plastic cup or something? Neat idea actually.

Can you think of any other thin household items that might be workable? I will ponder it at work.

I might be putting too much work into this project, as the figurine is 200mm's tall and really the little white things like i said are only 1.6 or so mm wide.. still they are a detail and there are six of them.

Since you already have the beads, leave the head of the pin on and glue the bead against the head. Then sand a flat on opposite sides of the bead and cut the pin to the appropriate length.