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Looking for stencils, maybe in the style of one of those floral/swirl/grunge brushes on illustrator? Any suggestions? Answered


Hi hope this helps www.room122.com/freebies/ornate-vector-swirls/
or you could talk to your local sign shop to have them cut you a custom stencil or just contact me lol cause thats what I do for a living Computer Graphics and Signs, vinyl stickers, banners, magnets, ect. ect. Good Luck

<br /> Have you thought of checking out the Digital Scrapbooking community online? There are lots of designers like me that offer free downloadable designs as samples of their work. Swirls and flourishes are always popular additions to kits so you find lots to choose from. Here are two swirls that might be suitable for stencils from recent freebie kits on my blog at <a href="http://junosplace.wordpress.com/">Juno's Place</a>.<br /> <br /> If you are printing these out at a fairly large size they should cut out with little difficulty. Combine these with a tutorial re making registration marks and "bridges" for cutting stencils and you may have exactly what you are looking for! If you type in the name of these swirls into the search box in my sidebar and follow the link, you will arrive at the correct entry on my blog, then click "Download Here" to be taken to the download page.<br /> <br /> All of my kits are designed at 300dpi to make them suitable for printing. These swirls could even be sized at least half as large again and still be reasonably good quality printed.<br /> <br /> Leave a comment saying you come from Instructables if you download! I would love to hear from you. Any problems or further questions? Don't hesitate to ask!<br /> <br /> juno<br /> xx<br />


As much as I like making stuff, for elaborate and intricate stencils I would recommend buying from a craft store. You might go blind trying to cut out such small shapes with a knife (of course if you have access to a laser cutter that's a different story) Another thought might be local craft fairs as there are countless stencils for loads of applications, you might be able to find an old one and reuse it, maybe even combine a few stencils for a neat effect!