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Looking for suggestions for making a very slim battery holder Answered

I use a PDA that, through some questionable wisdom, is powered by two standard AAA NiMH batteries, but are not easily replaceable. They are plastic-wrapped with a heat sensor and two soldered connections which then connects to a circuit board. . These can be replaced by replicating the set up with tape and soldering in the  new batteries, which works fine, but is a lot of hassle.

What I would like to do is design and make a battery holder that will cut out at least some of the more tedious parts. Preferably I would like to find a way to just unhook the connector from the circuit board, and then easily extract the two batteries and replace them with no soldering required. The problems are that the space is quite tight, so any method I try will have to be barely bigger than the batteries themselves.


Find a cheap AAA remote-control unit (I see loads on the Saturday market). You may need hot-glue or epoxy but you've got a battery-holder in there.


Thought about it, but I think anything I find will just be way too large. I've also not seen many that have the batteries end-to-end rather than side by side.