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Looking for website desginer Answered

I am looking to create a website similar to the Instructables.com site.  Is there any similar software or advice where users could post images, videos and code for their projects?


Try buddypress its a free wordpress engine that has loads of community themes that can be bought for a few dollars on themeforrest

You could use Webs (www.webs.com) or Weeblee (www.weeblee.com) for simple purpose, or wordpress. You should learn HTML or XHTML to start, and if you want a site as big as Instructables, you'll need lots of storage and bandwidth. :) Hope this helps.

(But why make an Instructables site if there already is one?)

I have made a product (duinokit.com) and I would like a place where people can share their projects made on the kit. I think I have a solution,,,,

So you want it to be more like an interactive site about your product, right? In that case, use a provider like Wix, Webs, or Weebly. Webs and Wix are recommended because they support webs stores.

Why don't you just request to start a group or have this private group functionality on instuctables? You could then use the rss feed for that group to display projects on your site.

Try a wordpress theme from themeforrest and find a solution that has all of the nuts and bolts you require. theyre pretty cheap compared to a bespoke solution and can have an easily tailored design (to a point)

The site is custom built and maintained by a team* of developers, so doubt there's a package you can buy. The cheapest starting option is probably to choose a free blogging service and start posting there.

*group, gang, mob, coven...